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There’s never been a better time for great ideas


What can I enter, also are there any guidelines?

No idea is too big or too small. The only mandatory is that the MVP (minimum viable product) of the idea is achievable within the first six months (a phased roll-out is acceptable).

Download the brief from the homepage for some helpful information to sense-check your idea.

Also, make sure you review the T&C's before signing up.

Can I submit a pre-existing idea?

You can only submit an idea that 100% belongs to you and/or your team. You can’t enter an idea that's already in its mature phase to get further venture funding.

Can I enter alone or in a team?

We recommend entering as a team (maximum three people) as it will benefit you if you make it to Pitch Night. But of course, you’re welcome to enter solo if you think you have what it takes.

How does the entry process work?

There will be a Brainbox Cam set up in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland during selected dates in October. Each individual/team has 90 seconds to film their submission with the videos being uploaded directly to the Brainbox website.

What if I can't make it to the Brainbox Cam on that day?

If you can't make it, you can simply film your submission on your phone and email it to brainboxau@dentsuaegis.com by 9am AEST, Monday 30 October.

Who will be judging and how will my idea be judged?

All ideas will be reviewed by the DAN Innovation Council and selected on the following judging criteria:

  • Originality - Is it a new concept or a variation of an existing idea? Was it developed independently or with others?
  • Impact - Could it be applied to similar problems/opportunities beyond its initial focus?
  • Practicality - Is it cost-effective to implement? Could it be readily integrated? Does it present any risk/uncertainty to Dentsu Aegis' operations?
  • Measurability - Will it lead to measurable revenue generation or cost savings? Does it create efficiencies in Dentsu Aegis' operations/marketing?
  • Applicability - Can it be applied to other aspects of the business? Is it specific to ANZ, or could it be applied globally? Could it lead to changes in how current industry processes are carried out?

Download the brief for some helpful information to sense-check your idea.

What happens after the shortlist is announced?

Once the top eight are announced, each team will be allocated a mentor from the council. We’ll run a Brainbox Bootcamp where you’ll work with a mentor to flesh out your idea and unlock its full potential. Then it’s time to present your idea to the judges on Pitch Night in early 2018.

Each team will be briefed on what’s required for Pitch Night once the shortlist is announced.

Do I have to pitch my ideas on Pitch Night?

Yes. You can either present by yourself, with your team members or alongside your mentor.